Research supervisor - Honoured Science Worker of the Russian Federation, corresponding member of the Academy of Engineering Science of the Russian Federarion, professor, Dr. Sc. (Chemistry) Khiena Brainina.
  • Ural State University (USU), Chemical faculty;
  • Candidate of Science (Chemistry), USU;
  • Doctor of Science (Chemistry), Moscow State University.
Scientific interests:
electrochemistry, stripping voltammetry, analytical chemistry, flow-through analysis, electrochemical study of the solid’s nature, electrochemical sensors, biosensors, nanomaterials in chemical and biochemical research and analysis, environmental and human health monitoring.
Scientific publications:

5 monographs, more than 300 scientific publications in international and Russian journals, 10 patents.

Since 1968 professor Brainina was scientific adviser for:

  • 3 Dr. Sc. (Chemistry) dissertations;
  • 38 Candidate of Science (Chemistry) disserations.
High level and international recognition of the works are proved by participation of the research team members in realization of more than 30 research projects, including 10 international ones.
Managing Director – Dr. Sc. (Chemistry) Mark Hodos
  • Ural State Technical University (USTU), Faculty of Technical Physics;
  • Candidate of Science (Physics&Math), USTU;
  • Doctor of Science (Chemistry), Institute of Chemistry of Solids of the Ural Division of Russian Academy of Science.
Scientific interests:
study of the defect and electron structure of solids by physical and electrochemical methods, electrochemical sensors.
Scientific publications:
1 monograph, more than 300 scientific publications in international and Russian journals, more than 10 patents.
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