Monitoring of organism oxidative stress (determination of antioxidant activity of biological liquids)
   Oxidative stress (OS) is considered now as important summarizing pathogenetic section of various cardiovascular, nervous, lung, eye, blood diseases, ageing processes, etc.
Thus monitoring of human organism oxidant/antioxidant status is urgent.
Antioxidant content in biological liquid summary antioxidant activity of the investigated object (AOA) could be evaluated by integral methods, for example, by generally recognized spectrophotometric method TAS (Randox). These methods, as a rule, are based on interactions of long living free radicals which serve as a model of free radicals forming in a living cell. But it is worth mentioning that the behaviour of long and short living radicals in vivo might differ greatly. Providing information on the sample AOA, the methods mentioned are characterized with some peculiarities which limit their wide application.

These limitations are:

  1. there are several stages of analysis taking rather long time;
  2. analytical signal is registered by expensive spectrophotometric or fluorometric equipment,
  3. application of expensive reagents and high qualified staff is needed.

Thus, the development of reliable, available, cheap method of antioxidant stress monitoring in clinical conditions is very timely.
Interaction of antioxidants (AO) with free radicals (FR) and active oxygen forms in water media is followed by electron transfer and, therefore, is of electrochemical nature. Thus, it is worth while to apply electrochemical methods for evaluation of integral AOA, taking into consideration that these methods are characterized with high sensitivity, simplicity and cost attractiveness; moreover, they are available both in the laboratory and field conditions.
Potentiometric method of AOA evaluation with the use of mediator systems was proposed by us earlier (Method of solution oxidant/antioxidant activity determination, patent # 2235998, Russia).

Following works are carried out in the framework of the AOA potentiometric method development:

  1. development of the techniques of AOA determination of blood and erythrocyte mass with the aim of AOA cell component selection;
  2. development of the technique of AOA determination of seminal fluid and methods of express diagnostics of the human reproductive function;

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